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What is Chiropractic?

Within each of us, there is a life force which is referred to as Innate Intelligence. This innate intelligence flows throughout the body via the nervous system. The nervous system includes the brain, the spinal cord, and every nerve cell connected to them. Together, innate intelligence and the nervous system not only keep us alive, but also repair, renew, coordinate, and heal EVERY part of the body, from the largest organs down to the smallest cells. ALL of these functions are accomplished automatically, as long as they are not altered by disruption of flow along the nervous system or its associated structures.

When this Innate Intelligence flows free of interruption along the nervous system, we experience a state of ease, and the full expression of life. When there is a disruption in flow, this is called a subluxation and we experience a state of dis-ease. Because every person is completely unique, dis-ease can manifest as virtually anything, in anyone. Dis-ease is different than disease. Disease is a specific entity, and is generally something that has a name, such as a particular condition. Dis-ease is not an entity, rather it is a way to describe a state of being that is not in ease, a person that is not experiencing wholeness or complete health. Dis-ease often includes, but is not defined by: symptoms such as pain, loss of function, acute and chronic “diagnosed” conditions, emotional and psychological changes or conditions, and an overall reduction in quality of life.

Locating and correcting subluxations is the primary purpose of chiropractic. If a persons body, mind, soul and nervous system are connected, whole, and in balance, and they live a supporting lifestyle, healing occurs at 100% capacity no matter what condition a person suffers from. This does NOT mean that chiropractic treats or cures any particular disease, condition, or symptom. It does mean that in order to heal and to grow, it is essential to have a fully functioning nervous system and mind-body connection.

The care you will experience with Dr. Shea is delivered in a gentle and specific manner through some of the most researched and highly developed techniques in all of the healing arts. Although Dr. Shea specializes in the pediatric and prenatal population, she enjoys serving whole families no matter what the age!

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