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Seattle's Premier Pediatric & Prenatal Chiropractors

Reasons for Prenatal Chiropractic

  • Decrease labor time by up to 60%

  • Eliminate pelvic dystocia leading to mal-positioned babies

  • Improved sleep

  • Decreased pelvic, pubic and back pain

  • Improved mood and energy

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Ellen W.

I've been coming to see Dr. Chelsea and Dr. Carl for the last twenty weeks of my pregnancy and they are wonderful! This will be my second child and I previously didn't see a chiropractor when pregnant but it has made such a difference in how I've felt this time around. With my first, my back and hips ached constantly. Coming to Tree of Life has my back and hips feeling great, my energy levels high, and lowered my overall stress levels. I even went for a pain free 5 mile walk on my due date. Can't recommend Tree of Life enough!Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Kristine C.

I came into Tree of Life when I was 35.5 weeks pregnant and had just found out my baby girl was breech. I really didn't want to have a version done or have a c-section looming in my future. So, I figured I might as well try chiropractic care. Dr. Chelsea fit me into the schedule right away and took the time to explain how the gentle adjustments and the Webster technique would help my body become a better and healthier environment for my baby and also for myself.  After only 4 visits my baby girl turned on her own!  I'm still shocked and very grateful. I am so thankful for the genuine care and concern both Dr. Chelsea and Dr. Carl have showed me and my family. I highly recommend going to Tree of Life during pregnancy, postpartum or really at any point. I am taking my three kids there now and I will definitely be bringing my baby soon after she is born!

Megan F.

This place SAVED me during my pregnancy! My third trimester was the best because of their help managing my sciatic nerve pain. I was in so much pain - walking hurt, sleeping hurt, just about everything was painful. I was so skeptical about trying chiropractic care for the pain I was in but I needed something and acupuncture, massage and yoga were not helping. I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Chelsea and Dr. Carl for their help with me during such a sensitive time in my life. Not only did this help my pain levels but I think it gave me the peace of mind and confidence to relax and carry my daughter into the world feeling much more centered and free of such intense pain.

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