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Success Stories

At Tree of Life Chiropractic-Seattle it is our goal to guide families through a healthier happier life free of subluxations! Hear what others had to say about the care...

"Not only has Zaine found great relief in his allergies and sleep, he has fallen in love with learning about his body and chiropractic and has even expressed a desire to be a chiropractor when he grows up"

-Zaine's story age 6

"I have heard from many people in the past that they do not believe in chiropractic care, especially for babies and infants. Charlie and I have been seeing Dr. Chelsea Moe , who specializes in infants, pregnancy, and postpartum. Charlie has only had two adjustments, and they took place this week. Today she got into the crawling position three times. She has never done this before. Chiropractic care works"

-Charlie's story age 1

"Dr. Chelsea Moe played a huge role in my good health during both my pregnancy and the birth of my little girl. She adjusted me throughout my pregnancy - and I believe that her adjustments contributed greatly to how healthy I was all the way through. People were amazed at how much energy I had - even when my bump was, seemingly, as wide as my height! When my labor began, Chelsea was there to help my husband and I stick to our plan, and adjust as needed as we went. She stuck it out for twenty-four hours - way above and beyond what I would have expected anyone to do. This was my first pregnancy, and her guidance and unwavering belief that I could, in deed, "do this" was a major comfort. Dr. Moe's compassion and skill are not always easy to find in a clinician. I feel blessed to have worked with her in such an important time in my life, and would highly recommend her for people of all ages, going through all stages of life."

-Tracy and Skyler's story

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