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Friday: For Getting Stuff Done or Having Fun

Early in practice, Dr. Chelsea and I decided that we wanted to to take more control over our life when it came to work and family time. There is nothing wrong with working 9-5 Monday-Friday or even weekends as long as you are creating balance or time for yourself and your family. We love serving our community and working with every one of you and actually LOOK FORWARD to going to "work" on Mondays but we also really enjoy having fun together outside the office. For this reason, we designed Fridays to be days where we can get all of our stuff done (work or personal) so that we can be focused and present with patients Monday - Thursday OR we can jump in the car and take advantage of a three day weekend to explore. This obviously isn't possible for everyone but we encourage you to take time away from work to get things done efficiently while still spending time with your family and/or loved ones. This may mean blocking out some morning time during the week or even Saturday morning before the family gets up. THEN be present with your family and ENJOY life to its fullest.

Be Blessed!


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