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Tips For Your Baby And The Seattle Heat

As we enter the hottest days of the year here in Seattle we thought it was a good time to give you some ideas and tools to help keep your baby comfortable and safe. Here are 6 basic tips to help enjoy this summer weather.

Babies Heat and Chiropractic Seattle

1) Stay Out Of The Sun: Babies younger than 12 months old should have minimal sun time if any at all. The key is to find as much shade as possible or wear thin layers of clothing and sunscreen should be a last resort due to many brand's harmful substances.

2) Avoid Dehydration: Babies can become dehydrated very fast. If you are still breastfeeding, make sure you are feeding your baby more often than normal. Remember to stay hydrated yourself and drink lots of extra water to help stimulate milk production. If your baby is eating solids, offer water between meals.

Signs of dehydration are not looking well, more irritable than usual, having dry skin or sunken fontanel, and urinating less than usual.

3) Avoiding Hot Spots: Car seats and strollers can get very hot. It is a good idea to put a thermometer next to your baby to have an idea of the temperature. Also, be very careful of covering them with blankets for shade as that can dramatically increase the temperature.

Signs of heat stroke: Hot baby with rising temperature, urinating less than usual, headaches (harder to tell with younger kiddos), dry mouth and/or eyes, being sleepy and irritable, and vomiting.

4) Bathing Your Baby: Bathing your baby is a great way to cool their body temperature and have some fun. Just be aware of sun time if you are in the pool.

5) Take Off The Diapers: Moist diapers and and hot weather can be really bad for your baby's skin. Let your baby spend time outside without diapers as often as possible.

6) Chiropractic: Chiropractic may seem like a stretch here but one of the biggest benefits of regular chiropractic care is optimizing your baby's ability to adapt to his or her environment through a properly functioning nervous system. This is why our kiddos in the office get sick less often and are able to focus and perform better at school.

So how does chiropractic fit in with these tips? Even in the summer, when you are busy spending time with your family and friends, you need to make time to see your favorite Seattle chiropractors.

Be Blessed!


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