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What's Your Score and Why it Matters

Many of us keep track of our gas tank level or amount of money in our retirement and/or savings accounts. But very few of us pay attention to our own health’s functional level or score. Here at Tree of Life Chiropractic – Seattle we offer we offer high-tech COREscore™ assessment with our Insight Subluxation Station. This advanced chiropractic technology delivers a computerized image of the stress and tension to your nervous system. Using the three most important measurements of spinal neural function, the core score can be generated in under 10 minutes and will give us an accurate and objective picture of you or your family’s overall health. A complete neural efficiency score collected from surface EMG, paraspinal thermal scans and Heart Rate Variability gives the clinician an accurate snapshot of how chronic stress is affecting the patient’s overall health.

Because the Core Score uses validated, peer reviewed technologies, we can rely on this assessment to measure the damaging effects of subluxation as well as the incredible power that adjustments and lifestyle modification can have in moving a patient towards health. By including Heart Rate Variability to the Core Score, the clinician can identify how much resiliency and reserve a patient has left and how balanced the entire autonomic nervous system is.

Why is knowing your score important?

Knowledge is power. By you knowing where your health is at from a non-symptomatic view, you can make better decisions regarding putting your health first. As your health care providers, we can use your assessments and scores to create better and more accurate care plans and recommendations. More specific care leads to faster results and improved overall health.

Want to know your score?

Call our office or request an appointment above to schedule your initial visit and find out where you stand.

Here are 10 reasons to have your child’s core score assessed and under chiropractic care.

1) Promotes Healthy Brain and Nerve Development

2) Assists with Asthma, Allergies, and other Breathing Difficulties

3) Encourages Good Spinal Posture

4) Helps with Behavioral Problems

5) Helps with Sleeping Disorders and Bed-wetting Problems

6) Assists with Digestive System

7) Helps with Scoliosis

8) Boosts the Child’s Immune System

9) It helps with Colic/Irritable Baby Syndrome

10) Promotes Overall Health and Well-being


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